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Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine Report & Directory Edition 2022

A set of three reports (nearly 3,500 pages) aiming to provide a comprehensive and exhaustive review of the worldwide nuclear medicine landscape, thru a description of about 970 products, together with a comprehensive profile of 380 companies active in nuclear medicine, radiopharmaceutical development production and sale. In addition 3,100 bibliographical references and their Web links.

MEDraysintell Nuclear Medicine (Part 1)

Marketed Radiopharmaceuticals

a complete document reviewing the market dynamics on a global basis, along with an exhaustive description and analysis of radionuclides and marketed radiopharmaceuticals, including the comprehensive profiles of companies active in nuclear medicine around the world.

MEDraysintell Nuclear Medicine (Part 2)

Clinical Radiopharmaceuticals

a comprehensive document providing an exhaustive description and analysis of radiopharmaceuticals presently under clinical development, i.e. for which clinical data are available, completed with the detailed profiles of all companies developing these products around the world.

MEDraysintell Nuclear Medicine (Part 3)

Early-Stage Radiopharmaceuticals

a document providing a detailed description of selected radiopharmaceuticals under preclinical/early stage development, as well as a comprehensive profiles of all companies developing these new tracers and drugs.


Additionally, a database containing all the clinical and early-stage radio-pharmaceuticals described in the reports can also be provided.

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Cyclotrons used in Nuclear Medicine Report & Directory
Edition 2020

This second edition of the Cyclotrons Report and Directory is the result of a comprehensive collection of data over the past year that allowed MEDraysintell to identify as many as 1,484 cyclotrons dedicated to the production of medical radionuclides installed worldwide (for nuclear medicine - radiopharmaceuticals).


This 450-page report provides an extensive review of all cyclotrons installed or recently sold in all countries and regions of the world with an exhaustive profile of the 15 companies currently developing and/or supplying cyclotrons, along with a description of twelve firms that were active in this market in the past, but which no longer offer cyclotrons for sale, either as the company was taken over or they have ceased that activity.

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Proton Therapy

Proton Therapy World Market Report & Directory

Edition 2021


This seventh edition of the renowned World Proton Therapy report features in a 380-page document a comprehensive review of the world market dynamics with an analysis of both past evolutions and future trends to the year 2030, and a detailed profile of 36 promoters, manufacturers or developers of proton and carbon therapy equipment with a directory of all PT facilities that are expected to become operational by 2025.

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Brachytherapy Market Report & Directory Edition 2016


Second edition of the most comprehensive evaluation report and directory of brachytherapy, written by experts.This 340-page document provides a complete description of the radionuclides and devices used in brachytherapy, and a detailed profile of 62 companies and institutions active in this field around the world..

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