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Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine continues to gain increasing attention worldwide, with a growing number of radiopharmaceuticals being marketed
or under development, with scanners offering more precise images and new accelerators becoming smaller, providing higher yield
and able to produce a new range of radioisotopes and more importantly with an increasing interest for therapy.


June 2015

Nuclear Medicine World Market Report & Directory, Edition 2015

Radionuclides, Radiopharmaceuticals,
Market Pipeline and R&D Portfolio,
Market Data, Product Pricing, Companies Profiles

Second edition of the most comprehensive evaluation report and directory of nuclear medicine, written by experts, providing detailed information on products and companies active in this market.

This 920-page document is providing a description and analysis of 335 radiopharmaceuticals and radionuclides and 160 companies and institutions active in nuclear medicine.. 
The report presents real opportunities with detailed analysis.

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A first edition of the Nuclear Medicine report “Opportunities in Nuclear Medicine”, was published in March 2014. Clients’ feedback praised the outstanding level of this report.

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